Habitat to Help Families

Dia Chang is the head of her household as a single mother in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. With as many as six people living under the roof of her apartment she has been the sole provider for her family. The Chang family needed help, when a volunteer organization came to their rescue by the name of Habitat for Humanity.HC_header_01-1400x755

Habitat for Humanity is a service that builds homes with the help of volunteers’ manpower, and donations. Scores of helping hands turn out to build these homes for families that need their help, giving an opportunity for the likes of the Chang family to get a leg up on their situation. This organization is present in cities all across the country helping build communities for families in need.

The Chang family has much to be grateful for as they will have more room to each other, a big change from sharing 3 or 4 to a room previously. This is not a free ride though, the Chang family will pay off a mortgage as well as putting in 250 community service hours per house-resident.

This charity aims to providing families with stability, not luxury, and gives them the tools they need to get their feet on the ground. Dia proved to be an ideal candidate for the program after first being declined the opportunity to qualify. She continued to apply which showed the determination that is needed to pay off a 25-30 year mortgage. This is a trait that her children say she has passed along to them.

This family oriented organization is giving folk a helping hand, which is what everyone needs from time to time. Look for the Chang family to be offering their hands to the volunteer effort for others just like them.

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