Chris Novinger is a low-risk, no-risk investment and retirement strategist and consultant and is the managing partner at Safe Retirement Experts. He is a leading expert at hand tailoring specialized investment and guaranteed income plans for his clients per their specific needs, requirements and goals. Chris loves nothing more than working closely with clients to protect and grow their assets while guarding against stock market loss as they approach retirement. He provides them with the safety, security and the peace of mind they deserve.

chris NovingerChris is the author of The Estate Black Book which has redefined the estate planning process and also The Client Profile Assessment, a proprietary decision tree questionnaire that is creating a new standard in accurately pinpointing client needs and concerns in the financial industry. Besides income planning, asset protection, and growth-without-risk strategies, other value added services include estate and trust structures, and social security analysis. Chris Novinger is passionate about providing the ultimate client experience. Standards in customer service are being raised because excellence is his goal for each and every client experience.

Chris sees clients as members of the Safe Retirement Experts family and treats them exactly as he would wish to be treated himself. For convenience and comfort, meetings are often conducted in client’s homes where relationships, expected to deepen over time, are founded on core values of honesty and integrity and where trust is built through sharing and working together to not only envision clients dreams, but to guarantee they come to fruition.

Chris is deeply involved at his family church and is a part time Pastor, where coaching and leadership skills translate into serving men’s groups while teaching and mentoring leaders themselves to lead others and become examples of service in action.

Chris married his soul mate and they have two children, an 18-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter. They reside in Mansfield Texas where Chris Novinger is a leader in his community as well as his church. He and his wife contribute to many charitable organizations and serve as volunteers in many key roles.

For Chris Novinger, family values are of paramount importance.  He lives his life as a man of the church and is true to his principals.  Chris’ community and his clients feel as though Chris treats them like members of the family.  Novinger ensures that his clients receive the security and reliability he promotes within his family by extending his values beyond his home.