Building Responsibility for the New Generation

What are children meant for? Chores are the answer.  The Murset family put their kids to good use this summer not just doing the Murset family chores, but also the chores of families around the country.

The age of responsibility
The age of responsibility

Gregg and Kami Murset have six kids between the ages of 7 and 16 years.  According to Murset, he was combatting the mindset of the “entitled generation” one chore at a time.  To do this, he and Kami loaded the kids into the family RV and embarked on a journey to build responsibility.

Gregg says that, “I think they initially thought, ‘Dad, the chore thing has gone too far, you know, you are crazy.’ But as we started reading stories about the people we were going to serve, it all started to jell for them.”

One family that the Mursets visited was at the home of Todd and Nicole Blancheri in Florida.  Todd and Nicole’s son, Wyatt has Hurler syndrome, a genetic ailment that damages the organs.  This complication to Blancheri life meant that many chores filled the position of priorities less important than Wyatt’s health.

As the Blanchari’s watched the Murset family begin doing chores at their house, Nicole Blanchari said, “They are doing a lot of those chores that we just honestly don’t have enough time to do.  It means a lot to us that they have so generously donated their time to help us out.”

11 year-old Adam Murset said that at first he didn’t like the idea of spending his summer doing other people’s chores, but became more and more attached to the experience since he started meeting people like Wyatt.

Gregg Murset, who has his own parenting website, advocates instilling work-ethic and responsibility throughout their entire lives.  As a financial advisor, Gregg has first-hand experience of what sort of responsibilities people must be willing to shoulder to be financially successful.  He has even designed a smartphone app where parents can assign their children chores, and points, which correspond to a monetary value, for completing chores.

Gregg Murset and his wife, Kami have developed a program to spend time together as a family while also helping their children build skills and learn responsibility.